Self served for employees and managers

With our attendance tracking system, every employee and manager has their own login, which eliminates the needs for paper request. Each user can login to submit their own request and view their summary from any computer with an internet access.

Increase efficiency and accuracy

With our attendance tracking software, your employees have the ability to enter attendance information in the manner that best suits your organization, giving you flexibility for mobile or remote workforces.

Control technology costs

The need to constantly update your technology can be expensive and cut into your ability to compete. With a hosted solution, you have instant access to the most up-to-date version of TimeOffManager every time you log-in. Additionally, your total cost of ownership is significantly reduced since there are no servers or applications to purchase and maintain.

Reduce your labour costs

You can analyze your labour costs with precise reporting, allowing you to identify trends and gain efficiencies in areas like absences and overtime. Read more about our features.

Start managing your company's attendance today!