Below are screenshots of TimeOffManager, taken from various part of the system. If you have any questions regarding any of these screenshots, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Company Calendar
Default dashboard after you log into TimeOffManager. You can quickly see who is off on any given month. A weekly and daily view is also available.
  1. View your profile information.
  2. View Quick Stats information.
  3. View all pending time-off requests in a glance. You can approve/reject/cancel any requests in this list.

    As an administrator or manager, clicking on any of these requests will bring you to the following screenshot.
Time-off Request Information
Default screen for viewing information on a time-off request. Displays all possible information related to a time-off request.
  1. View who made the request, as well as the date it was submitted.
  2. View information related to the request.
  3. View information related to the status of the request.
  4. Decide whether to Approve, Reject or Cancel the request.
Time-off Requests
Account Options
Main Account Options screen, where various company options can be set.
  1. Different account option types to set
  2. Set which month your time-off calendar year starts at.
  3. Set to allow users to book time-off in their next calendar year
  4. Set how many hours there is in a full day of work in your company.
  5. Display balances and allowances in hours or days
  6. International date display
Account Options
Time-off Types
Main screen used to manages all time-off types for a company.
  1. You can create as many time-off types as you like.
  2. List of deductible time-off types.
  3. List of non-deductible time-off types.
Time-off Types
Time-Off Policies
Main screen to manage your time-off policies.
  1. Specify how this time-off type will renew upon a new calendar year.
  2. Specify the default allowance amount.
  3. Specify the default balance amount.
  4. Set automatic accruals
Time-Off Policies
New Time-Off Request
Screen to submit a new time-off request as a User.
  1. Select the kind of request:
    Full Day | Partial Day | Multi-Day
  2. Select the time-off day.
  3. Select the time-off type for this time-off.
  4. Select the time-off type for this time-off.
New Time-Off Request
Length of Service Accruals
Need to give out extra vacation to someone after they work in your company for x years? It can be done!
  1. Add as many time-off types as needed.
  2. Specify the month of service.
  3. Specify the extra allowance.
  4. Specify what to add to the balance.
  5. Either reward on anniversary or start of calendar year.
Length of Service Accruals
User List
Main screen to access all your users.
  1. Switch tabs to view your Employees, Managers and Administrators
  2. Filter user list by name
  3. Click the Info icon to edit information related to the user, like its personal information and its user category
  4. Click the Settings icon to assign time-off types to this user, or to modify their yearly allowance and balance.
User List
Allowance Settings
Main screen where time-off types are assigned to a User.
  1. List of time-off types currently assigned to this User, along with their yearly allowance.
  2. Tabs for managing this user's balance, automatic balance accruals, length of service accruals and various options.
  3. Links to edit/delete a time-off type associated to a user. You can also view the audit trails.
User Time-off Types
User Management
Main screen where you specify which employees/managers a Manager will be responsible for.
  1. You can add as many employees/managers to be managed as you need.
  2. List of employees that are currently managed by this Manager. Even if an employee is managed by a Manager, you can opt-out of receiving notification emails from this employee.
  3. List of managers that are currently managed by this Manager.
User Management
Balance Accruals
Main screen where automatic balance accruals are setup for a User.
  1. List of time-off types that are setup to accrue.
  2. Display the accrual interval for each accrual.
  3. Display at which day this accrual will run at, at each interval
  4. Display the value to accrue by.
  5. Display until when each accruals will run.
Balance Accruals
User Categories
Main screen used to manage all User Categories within a company. User Categories are used to classify your employees/managers, for instance by Departments, by Projects, by Clients.
  1. You can create as many user categories as you like.
  2. List of current user categories. Each category can be assigned a unique color, which is displayed on the company calendar.
User Categories
Summary Report
The Summary Report gives you a quick glance at a user's yearly time-off requests, allowance and balance.
  1. View which time-off type is allocated to this user, with their balances.
  2. View the total time-off taken this year for all time-off types.
  3. View banked time information (if enabled)
  4. View the entire list of approved, pending, rejected and cancelled time-off requests for this calendar year.
Summary Report
Monthly Detail Report
The Monthly Detail Report gives you information on all time-off requests taken in a given month.
  1. Filters can be applied to the report.

    In this screenshot, all the requests are grouped by Users, but they can also be grouped by Dates and Time-off Types.

    Instead of showing requests from all users, you can filter down by selecting specific users. The same can be done for Time-off Types.
Monthly Detail Report
Time-off Reminders
Time-off Reminders are used to notify certain people (administrators, managers) whenever there is an upcoming time-off scheduled by certain users.

Reminders can also be used to notify managers about upcoming request still in a pending status.
Time-off Reminders
Paid Holidays
Main screen to manage your paid holidays
  1. You can add as many paid holidays as you like.
  2. List of current paid holidays for the selected year. Paid holidays can be set to full days, or partial days.
Paid Holidays
Account Setup Checklist
Basic checklist to revise once your account is created. After all sections are marked with a checkmark, you are basically in business!
  1. Name of the section to revise. Click on any section to go directly to that section.
  2. Once a section as been flagged as reviewed, it will be set with a checkmark.
  3. Click the "Flag as Reviewed" once you reviewed that section.
Account Setup Checklist
Import List of Users
Depending on how many users you have to create, you might want to create them simultaneously by importing a pre-defined CSV file.

If you are planning to start using Timeoffmanager in the middle of your time-off calendar year, then importing your users from a CSV file is probably your best solution since you can specify how many vacation days they have left directly in the CSV file.
User Import