I have a lot of employees. Do I have to manually create all of them separately
Definitely not. Multiple users can be created simultaneously by uploading a pre-defined CSV files into Timeoffmanager. You can even specify how many time-off days will be allocated to each users, with their balance.

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Can I have users without email addresses?
Yes you can. Although we recommend that all users have an email address since all system communications are via email, we understand that not all type of employees have email addresses, so emails are not mandatory.

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What is the difference between the three types of users within Timeoffmanager?
Employees - Have ability to submit time-off requests, view their summary page, and the company calendar (restrictions may be applied on the calendar).
Managers - All the functionality of an employee, but they have the ability to approve/reject/cancel time-off requests made by employees they are managing. They also have access to generate reports for the members of their team.
Administrators - Full access to the system. Administrators can also be set to only have access to reports, and not have the ability to edit any information in the system.

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Can I switch a user from administrator to employee/manager, and vice-versa?
No you cant. Since administrators are the main users to setup the system, they cannot be converted to employees nor managers. On the other hand, managers can be converted to employees and vice-versa. To convert users, simply login into Timeoffmanager as an administrator, and from the menu, go to Users -> User List. Once there, find the appropriate user, and click the Edit Info icon. In the following screen, change the appropriate change to the User Role and click "Save Changes".

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I am an administrator, but I also need to submit/track my own time-off. Do I need a separate account to do so?
Yes - Administrators can only manage and maintain the account, and cannot submit their own time-off. In these case, that user will need a separate employee or manager account to track their own time-off.

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