TimeoffManager.com offers numerous important features, ranging from ease-of-use and simplicity to scalability. Its ease-of-use makes it easy for anyone to use it, while its scalability lets companies of every sizes have the peace of mind to know that all their employees' time-off requests are being managed efficiently.

Easy to Use and Scalable

  • Secured 100% web-based application
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Self-served for managers and employees
  • Scalable for companies of all sizes
  • Use the Account Setup Checklist to guide you through your setup

Automatic Accruals

  • Users can accrue balance by day, week, every x month, semi-monthly or every two weeks
  • Automatic accruals on any employee time-off types
  • Set accruals to run indefinitely, until a certain date, or until a max allowance is reached
  • Use Length of Service Accruals to allocate extra time-off to employees after certain amount of month of services

Useful Reporting

  • Print or export reports to PDF and CSV for easy sharing
  • Generate reports by day, month, year, filtered by users, departments, time-off types
  • View time-off balances, time-off requests and employee details
  • Valuable report data for various departments (i.e. Human Ressource or Payroll)
  • Information can be exported to multiple formats for further analysis
  • Daily XML data export via HTTP call
  • Bradford Factor
  • More than 25 reports available

Online Simplicity

  • Submit time-off requests online
  • Approve, reject or cancel time-off requests online
  • Automatic e-mail notifications of leave requests, approvals, and rejections
  • Approve, reject or cancel time-off requests directly in emails!New

Eliminate Errors and Employee Abuses

  • Audit trails of all approved, cancelled and rejected time-off are taken
  • Audit trails of every employee time-off bank are taken
  • Employee cannot request more time than what they are allocated
  • Eliminate paper timesheets and other error-prone manual processes

Real-time Time-Off Calendar Views

  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily view of the Calendar
  • Ability to apply filters on the Calendar
  • Visibility into employee time-off balances
  • View every day which employees are absent
  • View leave requests
  • Add your own holiday calendar
  • Time-off calculations based on your specific calendar year
  • Hierarchy view integrated within the calendar

Highly Flexible and Configurable

  • Add custom employee categories (i.e., departments, projects)
  • Add custom time-off types (i.e., vacation, paid time-off, personal days, sick days, appointments, FMLA)
  • Group your users by offices
  • 3 levels of users (Administrators, Managers, Employees), each with their own different permissions
  • Ability to define Special Event days (days where employees cannot request time-off, are warned or notified on the calendar)
  • Ability to display balance in hours or in days
  • Set specific work days for each of your employees
  • Dates can be display in any international format
  • Multi-language : English, French and SpanishNew
  • Multi-level approval processNew

Valuable Features

  • Single Sign-On, LDAP, Active Directory support thru OneLogin.comNew
  • Single Sign-On with Google Apps, Salesforce, PingIdentity, Centrify, OktaNew
  • Set restrictions to limit the number of users away per dayNew
  • Integration with Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook
  • Tool to do bulk user updates
  • Ability to choose different calendar year start dates for each user
  • Colorize the calendar by user categories or time-off types
  • Ability to upload your company logo to personalize the interface
  • Ability to set time-off, pending request and holiday reminders
  • Get notified when your users take more than x consecutive sick days
  • Create multiple users at once by uploading a CSV file
  • Setup prorated balances for employees that starts in mid-calendar year

Banked/Comp Time

  • Employees can request to have additional time added to their balance
  • Approved banked time can be transfered to any employee's custom time off type balance
  • Upon approval, banked time can be multiplied by a factor (e.g. Overtime is paid time and a half)

Improved Requests Visualisation

  • Administrators or managers now have visibility into amount of time-off already approved
  • Improved visibility provides a complete picture of an employee's time-off balance
  • Simplified employee time-off management

Data Integrity

  • All information is backed up to a dedicated server every night
  • Provides a central location for time-off data
  • Your information will never be shared with anyone!