Time-Off is designed to simplify absence tracking

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Leave management made easy!

Time-Off is the answer to your company's leave management.

- Who is on vacation this week?
- Who is abusing the company's time-off policies?
- How much time are we losing tracking leave on paper?

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Shared leave calendar Easy to Use
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Employee Self-Served Highly Flexible
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Scalable For All Companies Automatic
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Shared leave calendar

Easy to Use and Scalable

With our simple user-friendly interface and our account setup checklist, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes!

  • Centralized leave data
  • Shared leave calendar
  • Scalable for companies of all sizes
  • Secured 100% web-based application
online attendance management
Employee Self-Served
Our self service solution allows employees and managers to access their HR data anywhere, anytime. You spend less time answering questions and more time being productive.
online absence tracking
Account Setup Checklist
We will provide you with an Account Setup Checklist, which will guide you through your entire setup! In case you need help, one of our customer support assistance will be pleased to help you!
online leave tracking
Scalable For All Companies
Our solution can easily accommodate companies of any size up to a thousand employees. So if you're a start-up or a business with 250 employees, our solution is tailored for you!
Employee Self-Served

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Our highly flexible and configurable product can support any type of company!

  • Custom leave types
  • Multi-level approval process
  • Classify your staff by office/department
  • Multi-language (EN, FR, ES)
time-off management
Add your paid holidays
Customize your company calendar by adding all your paid holidays. Have multiple offices across the world with different holidays? It can all be accomplished within our solution!
time-off tracking
3 user levels
Our system is composed of 3 types of user; Administrators, Managers and Employees. Each user type has their own access level and permissions.
paid time-off tracking
Localization support
Do you need your dates to be in a specific format? No problem! Our product can accommodate up to 10 different date formats.
Scalable For All Companies

Automatic Accruals and Renewals

Our product will take care of allocating hours/days to your staff at certain intervals, so you don't have to think about it!

  • Accrue by day, week or month
  • Accrue any type of leave
  • Run accruals until specific criteria
  • Start accruing on a set date
employee vacation
Increase accruals at certain length of service
You can set up users to automatically have an increase in their accruals once they hit a certain number of months/years of service within your company.
paid time-off tracking
Multiple types of leave renewal
Are you allowing carry-overs at the start of a new anniversary/calendar year? Or maybe your users are receiving their full balance again? Our system can accommodate over 10 different scenarios!
web-based leave management
Each leave type can have their own renewal date
Maybe your PTO/vacation is renewing on January 1, but your sick days should only renew on your hired date? We can do it! Each leave type can renew on different dates, for each employee.
synchronize with google calendar

Valuable Features

You'll be pleased to learn about some of the unique features our system offers. Here's a few of them!

  • Sync with Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Personalize the UI with your logo
  • Bulk user imports/updates
  • Prorate balance for starting employees
web-based absence management
Single Sign-On with Google Apps, Salesforce, PingIdentity, Centrify, Okta
If you have a Google Apps account, or have an account with any identify provider, it's possible to use single sign-on to login withing our products.
web-based attendance management
LDAP, Active Directory support thru OneLogin.com
If you are using OneLogin.com, you can add Time-Off Manager to your dashboard, and setup single sign-on using your LDAP or Active Directory.
web-based leave tracking
Various Reminders
Need reminders? Our system can remind you about upcoming time-off, paid holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and pending requests, so you can focus on more important things!
online vacation tracker

Useful Reporting

We know how important having valuable reports can be to efficiently manage your business!

  • More than 25 reports available
  • Reports for various depts. (HR, Payroll, ...)
  • Export reports in multiple formats
  • Report on balances, time-off requests...
leave tracking solution
Export reports to PDF and CSV
Most of our reports can be exported to PDF or CSV for easy sharing. You need to generate a report and send it to your payroll department? No problem, we can do it!
vacation tracking solution
XML data export via API
Retrieve your data via our API to generate your own reports or widgets for various business needs. Integrate your other applications with our API!
employee vacation system
Real-time reporting
All our reports are generated using real-time data, therefore there's no delays in having to wait for the most recent data!

Other Modules

PurelyHR is designed to help simplify all your HR administration needs!

Staff All Your Core HRIS Needs in One Place
  • Centralized Employee Data
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Company Directory
  • Employee Profiles
  • Track Salary Changes
Time-Off Track and Manage Your Staff's Time-Off
  • Automatic Accruals, Renewals and Carry-Overs
  • Integration with Outlook / Google Calendar
  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendars
  • 20+ Reports, All Exportable to PDF/CSV
  • Highly Flexible and Configurable
Time-Clock Track Your Staff's Daily Ins and Outs
  • See Who's In and Out in Real Time
  • Generate Weekly Time-Cards
  • Can Track Breaks and Meal Times
  • Set Rounding and Overtime Rules
  • Set Clock-In Restrictions (by IP)
Warnings Track and Manage Your Staff's Infractions
  • Custom Violation Types
  • Warnings Can Be Printed For Your Records
  • Employees Must Digitally Sign and
  • HR Must Approve All Warnings
Time-Sheet Tracking time has never been easier
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Timesheets
  • Simple, Advanced or Detailed Timesheets
  • Track Hours Spent on Customers, Projects, Tasks
  • Overtime Rules and Automated Reminders
  • Approval Flow and Team Overview
Coming Soon
Performance Performance
Feedback and performance made easy
  • Build a High-Performance Culture
  • Focused on Delivering Exceptional Results
  • Track Status and Results in Real-Time
  • Access to Feedback, Recognitions, Incidents
  • Set, Align and Track Individual Goals