Any company that has employees knows that it can be time consuming to keep track of everyone's attendance.

Not only do you have to keep track of attendance but you also have to manage how much time each person is allocated. Trying to keep track of everyone in your company and their needs can be extremely tedious. The use of an attendance management system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are made from calculating attendance.

Learn how we can help your company

  • Automated and web-based for easy accessibility
  • No compatibility issues - all you need is an internet connection
  • Eliminates paperwork and the risk of making errors while tracking attendance on paper
  • Secure SSL certificate for your peace of mind
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Hugely reduces time spent managing staff attendance
  • Records are kept safe and confidential
  • Current and previous years' records are available in an instant
  • Available via the internet at all times and from any location
  • Automated e-mailing of requests for absence
  • Configurable, multi-level, management approval system
  • Users can easily view their individual leave summaries for the year
  • Management overview of company leave at a glance
  • Your data can be easily copied and pasted to other applications
  • Installation, Maintenance and Data Security are taken care of by our technical team

Reasons you need Time-Off Manager

  • No one is complying with company policies
  • You have lost control of tracking your company leave
  • Your current attendance management system is too confusing
  • Online automated attendance management is way easier than tracking your company leave on paper or in a spreadsheet